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COWON announces True Sound effect 'JetEffect 3.0'!

- Maximize the presence! Reverb sound effect added
9 new presets(total of 39), feel your music in variety

Seoul, August 14, 2009 – Cowon System Inc. (CEO Nam Kyu Park, today announced the upgrade of its well-established sound effect, JetEffect. Cowon's JetEffect is a unique sound effect that implemented BBE+ sound effect technology. It is highly customizable for various users' musical taste.

The 'JetEffect 3.0' is the new upgrade Cowon is offering. 'Reverb' is added to existing BBE+, EQ filter, and Stereo Enhance. Reverb sound effect maximizes natural and live presence of the sound, creating an effect of being in a concert or club.

Also, 9 new presets such as Maestro, Reverb Hall, and Reverb Stadium are added, making a total of 39 sound effect presets for those who prefer convenient presets for quick changes of various sound effect.

Cowon has always been regarded as one of the best sounding mp3/pmp manufacturer, and it plans to sustain its reputation by constantly upgrading JetEffect.


JetEffect 3.0 will be added to all of COWON's upcoming firmwares.

New COWON S9 Firmware 2.41 has been released. Now includes JetEffect 3.0 and more.
Click here to download it.

  What's new in Firmware 2.41
  New Features Guide


JetEffect 3.0
* Added Reverb sound effects: Reverb effect gives you feeling of real circumstance.
* Added 9 presets: total 39 presets.
     Feel the Wind
     Mild Shore
     Crystal Clear
     Reverb Room
     Reverb Club
     Reverb Stage
     Reverb Hall
     Reverb Stadium
* It is possible to apply EQ filter, BBE, Stereo Enhance, and Reverb at the same time.
Improved touch sensitivity
Improved MP3 gapless playback.
Fixed the error of gapless playback in some OGG files.
Improved playback of OGG files.
Fixed the error of tags in some FLAC files.
Fixed the displaying error in some video files.
Support video files that contains PCM audio codec.


(Aug 17, 2009)