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Cowon Announces the First Implementation of "BBE+" Sound Effect

- A significant upgrade from the previous BBE
- Optimized for portable devices to offer a more natural live presence
- The 'COWON S9' will be the first to feature BBE+
- Upgraded to realistic JetEffect 2.0 based on BBE+

Seoul, November 27, 2008 – Cowon System Inc. (CEO Nam Kyu Park, today announced that it will be the first manufacturer to feature BBE+ technology, the latest sound effect by BBE Sounds, Inc., in its portable multimedia player.

Cowon will feature BBE+ in its new products as per an exclusive contract with BBE Sounds, Inc., which was renewed in July. BBE+ technology includes upgrades of BBE, Mach3Bass, 3D Surround and MP Enhance featured in the previous BBE sound effect – in effect, a particularly significant upgrade of BBE. BBE+ restores natural warmth and aural detail with sound effect optimized for portable devices to give a realistic, more dynamic listening experience.

Cowon will first implement BBE+ in the COWON S9, the flagship model available in December. The new product includes JetEffect 2.0, an upgrade of Cowon's unique sound effect which utilizes BBE+, EQ filter and stereo enhancement with approximately thirty sound effects including: BBE ViVA, BBE Headphone, Hiphop and Hall. Therefore, the new product is expected to cater to all varieties of musical tastes in a wide range of customers.

Many well-known musicians, such as Eric Clapton, Kenny G, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and many others, have embraced BBE Sound's high definition sound technologies in their recordings. These technologies are also available in consumer electronics products from the world's top consumer electronics manufacturers, such as LG and Sony. Thanks to Cowon's exclusive right to use BBE Sound's technologies in its portable multimedia devices, Cowon will be renowned for its unprecedented level of definition, presence and sheer musicality.

Nam Kyu Park, CEO of Cowon said "the ultimate BBE+ technology has taken sound fidelity to new heights," and added that the "more rich and powerful sounds of JetEffect 2.0 upgraded from BBE+ will offer customers more realistic and satisfying sounds."

The 'COWON S9' MP3 Player is also the first to feature the AMOLED display with 16 million colors. This new product with outstanding features and realistic sound quality will be available in mid December.

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